Feathr and Kiki Slaughter have once again collaborated to create a gorgeous new colourway of the award-winning Oh La La wallpaper. With a combined palette of soft mint, seafoam and viridian with brick brown and terracotta, the wallpaper displays the experimental, organic and textural nature of Slaughter’s art. But we don’t want to stop there - let’s learn a bit about the artist behind the masterpiece.

How did you discover your craft?
‘I have been painting since before I can remember. It has just always been a part of me. My parents recognized my love for art at a young age and found me an amazing teacher, Karen Shea, who taught me from the age of 8 until I went to college. She introduced me to all different styles and mediums and inspired me to focus on my passion for art. Basically, I grew up painting and just never stopped!’

Where do you get your inspiration?
‘My method is my muse. I am inspired by the very act of painting and the materials that I use - composing layers of colour and texture until they become a work of art. Sometimes my work will also echo my surroundings - I soak up the colours, compositions and feel of the places I have lived and visited and transfer them onto canvas. My kids are my biggest inspiration. Having them stepped up my drive and gave me a whole new purpose to create and add more beauty to the world.

Can you tell us more about your wallpaper collection for FEATHR?
‘The FEATHR team reached out to me a year or so ago about turning my art into wallpaper. I was inspired by the idea and their enthusiasm and was excited to collaborate. I am so glad we did - my design, Oh La La turned out beautifully and I look forward to creating more painterly designs with them! Whenever I see my work up in an interior I feel totally humbled. I put my heart into my work and I love each piece but for someone else to feel the same is the biggest compliment.’

Oh La La Verdigris will be available both as a wallpaper mural and as a repeatable wallpaper panels.

For more information, please contact:
Radford Furnishings; 1300 692 393