5 Things You Need to Know
About Last Week's Reveal on The Block

Two wallpaper designs have been used on The Block 'Gatwick' this year - Hackney Empire Stripe from British luxury brand House of Hackney and Palms, a classic design from 140 year old wallpaper company, Cole & Son. Luckily, both brands are exclusively distributed by Radford.

The Block judges raved about the two wallpapers at the room reveal with Hackney Empire placing contestants Courtney & Hans in first place! What about Palms? Well we learned that The Block's very own judge Darren Palmer has it in his house (is there any better endorsement?).

Wallpapers can be used in bathrooms! Okay we know this is no big secret, we're just excited it was done and done well on national television because as every good wallpaper installer knows you can apply a coating to the paper which protects it from splash and steam making it totally practical in wet-areas! It's also much cheaper and easier to install than floor to ceiling tiles.

Kitsch can be cool, right? Judges Neal, Shayna and Darren all agreed that it can be whilst they were having their minds blown by the Hackney Empire wallpaper. But remember, according to this article, "kitsch is a bit like adding chilli to a recipe - a little bit goes a long way and if you add too much - wowsers".

Love it or despite it, the 'Block Effect' is real. Circa 2008, Cole & Son's famous Woods - Black & White was featured on The Block and then it became Australia's number one best-selling Cole & Son wallpaper for 10 years.


Bianca & Carla

Bianca and Carla blew us out of the water with their quirky bathroom that not only is fun, but also functional! Featuring Cole & Son's gorgeous Palm Leaves wallpaper in Alabaster Pink & Mint.

View Cole & Son's Palm Leaves Wallpaper