Borastapeter Product and Environmental Declaration



Boråstapeter is a modern company that takes an active approach to sustainability, from idea right through to finished product. In choosing wallpapers from Boråstapeter, you are choosing non-toxic, environmentally friendly wallpapers made in our own factory just outside Borås, Sweden.

It is our responsibility to ensure that the environment and sustainability are always in our minds when implementing any ideas, decisions or actions. Boråstapeter’s wallpapers should be as environmentally sound as they are artistic. Beautiful, environmentally friendly wallpapers, completely free of harmful substances.


Non-toxic wallpapers

The raw materials used in our wallpapers are supplied exclusively by northern European paper groups that practise sustainable forestry. We do not use PVC or harmful solvents in production, and we work only with water-based inks and surface treatments that we can safely process at our own treatment plant.

We are constantly striving to reduce our energy use in wallpaper production, and we are also trying to reduce waste throughout the entire process, from roll production to printing.

The waste generated by our production plant in Borås is disposed of and turned into district heating for the town of Borås. And, when you receive your finished rolls of wallpaper from Boråstapeter, you will see they are packaged in recyclable materials.


Environmental certification

Our production maintains the highest standards in environmental and safety requirements. Which is why all of Boråstapeter’s wallpapers are made in Sweden and CE-labelled in accordance with European standards for wallpaper.


This environmental certification (SS-EN15102) means that our wallpapers follow the EU directive on emissions of formaldehyde, heavy metals and a range of other harmful substances, while meeting a number of basic requirements relating to health, safety, functionality and more.


All production takes place at our factory in Borås, Sweden, and we use a base paper that is both easy to work with and a strong and durable EasyUp material. All of this ensures that you can wallpaper with no mess, minimal preparatory work and, above all, a clear conscience, without compromise to the environment.



Since 2018, WallVision Sweden AB has been FSC-certified. This means that we print our wallpapers on FSC-certified materials. Which in turn means that you can rest assured that the raw wood material used to produce our paper and non-woven wallpapers comes from sustainably managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that works to ensure that forests are managed in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way.

More information about the FSC can be found at


Product Specification & FR classification


Wallcoverings made of nonwoven with weight between 75 - 190 g/sqm.


Environmental mark

The wallpapers are CE-marked and fullfils the enviremental demands according to product standard SS- EN 15102:2007+A1:2011.

Fullfils the IGI:s trade standards

(IGI = International Wall covering Manufacturers´ Association)

The wallcovering fulfils the productdemands of emissions according to M1 emission Class For Building Material.

Determination of the emission factor for VOC* and identification of dominating substances has been made at the Swedish Testing- and Research Institute according to the FLEC-method**. The test results is below the quantitative detection limit (< 10µg/m² x h)

Emissionstest is made acording to ISO 16000-9, report with ref. 7P04269-3 + 7P04269-2

Product contents

All wallcoverings are free from PVC, heavy metals and other environmental harmful substances. All inks are waterbased.

Formaldehyde in combined form exists naturally in wood being used in production of paper. Analysis of wallcovering therefore shows tracks of formaldehyde. The quantities though are essential lower than the valid limit.

The label of the wallcovering declares that the contents is less than the limits determined in the CE- standard for wallpapers. Even if the wallcovering is free from heavy metals it shall be written that it contains less then (<) existing limit.

The label declares what DOP (Declaration Of Performance) that is valid for each ref. Can be found at



Borastapeter & Engblad & Co wallpapers have been tested by the AWTA in Australia and New Zealand.

They pass the following tests:

 ISO 5660.1 – 20002

AS/NZS 387-1998  Group 1 

The test report and Certificate is available on request.

The wallcovering has a fireclass printed on the label that apply to the product standard and is judged according to EN13501-1. Fireclass of each ref. is shown at the end of this document.



The wallcovering can be used in all areas except wet areas such as bathrooms etc. Suitable adhesive is a machine adjusted adhesive.


Colour fastness to light

Very good colour fastness to light 6-8. The highest value is 8.



The wallcovering rolls are wrapped into a thin recyclable polyethylene film before being packed into a corrugated cardboard carton.In average 50 gr packaging is being used per kg wallcovering.The average transport volume (incl. packaging) per kg wallcovering is about 4 dm3. WallVision is connected to the Swedish REPA-registerThe packaging material is partly produced from recycled fibres.


Care instructions

The wallcoverings have high washability. Stains are treated as follows:

  • Wet the stain with a cloth or a sponge using soapy water or detergent.

  • Use plenty of lukewarm water to get off all soap rests.

  • Wipe off the over amount of water and leave the wallcovering to selfdry.

  • Avoid to get water in the joints where the wallcovering is unprotected.


Estimated lifetime

Estimated lifetime of the wallcovering is 10-15 years..



Recycling and waste

The wallcovering can be recycled as energy at combustion. All excess inks are being reused in production.

No wallcovering waste is considered as hazardous waste.

In order to achieve and maintain necessary wallcovering strength and fullfil Wallvisions’s quality standards no recycled material is included in the wallcovering.



When producing wallcovering, only enviremental friendly waterbased colors are being used. In that way We eliminate all kinds of dangerous waste. Wastewater from production is being taken care of at sight in a treatment plant and the mud that remains is burned upp by the Borås energy company.


* VOC=Volatile Organic Compounds

** FLEC=Field and Laboratory Emission Cell

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