Wallpaper & Art

Can they exist in harmony? 

Our dear friend Martyn Lawrence Bullard said ‘one must rotate ones artwork around the house, if you change the position from one wall to another it will be like seeing the art for the first time’.   How very true Martyn! So a Designer must allow for a certain versatility when it comes to the choice of paint colour or wallcoverings, allowing for the art to be viewed without distractions from competing colours and patterns on the wall – Not surprisingly, this is the reason why an art gallery has white walls and the interiors are sparse and minimal. But we don’t all want to live in an art gallery, so is there a happy medium?

Image Source: @_halcyonhouse

Image: Cole and Son Orchard 

Some wallpaper, particularly some of the murals we see from Christian Lacroix or Feathr, are pieces of art and deserve to be the feature unhindered by hanging art. Patterned wallpaper and artwork can be a tricky combination, but it is possible to make work and the reward could be something quite spectacular if done well. 

Small scale geometric or a fluid patterned wallpaper designs can make a harmonious background to artwork. Or if this makes you nervous, consider ‘texture’, or more to the point, textured wallcoverings.

Luckily, we have several very good wallcovering options to go with your art, here are 5 top choices.

#5.  ‘Linen’ by Borastapeter is the epitome of Scandinavian, with textile feel it adds a very subtle depth of character whilst being perfect for artwork to be hung over it. The collection has 36 colour tones of offer, with light and dark nuances.

#4.  Patina Haze by Martin Lawrence Bullard for Cole and Son, is a burnished look of oxidised metal, creating a weathered but luxurious wallcovering that would make the perfect backdrop to a fabulous piece of artwork.

#3. Alicatado by Cole and Son form the new Seville Collection, is a mosaic of two-toned printed tiles, creating a graphic backdrop. Not for the faint hearted when combining with Art, but with the right combination it would look amazing.

Image: Cole and Son Alicatado

#2. Chinon Textured wallpaper – A plain, textured wallpaper that emulates the appearance of silk, a versatile design that ads luxury for your walls.  

#1. Brera Grasscloth is inspired by a fine linen effect grasscloth with an incredibly matt finish, this wallpaper feels just like real fabric on your walls. Because it comes in 20 colours and it is thoroughly practical being a vinyl, we rank this number 1 for combining with your artwork.

Image: House of Hackney Artemis


Friday 15 May 2020

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