50 Years of Designers Guild

This month we launch Tricia Guild's 19th book - Out of the Blue: Fifty years of Designers Guild. A new book celebrating a half-century of design and innovation from Designers Guild.

"The year is 1970 and it is the dawning of a brand-new decade following hot on the heels of the groundbreaking cultural revolution and wild optimism of the 60's. Robin Guild and his wife, Tricia, were well-known London interior designers whose clients numbered many of the movers and shakers of the day, and who operated from Robins 'Interiors' shop in Hampstead. They were fast gaining a reputation for being designers to watch and their work was lauded for its mix of modernity and innate good taste"

Out of the Blue tells the history of Designers Guild, it unravels Tricia Guild's unique and creative approach, focusing in on her inspiration, her intuitive design methodology and the techniques, processes and materials used. Frustrated with the lack of truly contemporary fabrics and wallpapers for interiors, Tricia's vision was to create a lifestyle.

Readers are told the fascinating story of how The Guilds, Tricia and her husband Robin, made it their business to know every creative outpost in London in 1970. One of the places they visited was a small store on Cheslea’s Kings Road belonging to New Zealander, David Bishop. The Book explains that Chelsea at the time had a less than salubrious reputation. Bishop, on the other hand was known among the cognoscenti as a man of exceptional taste and style. The Guilds would often visit the store, using his furniture and accessories in their design schemes for clients. After the death of Bishop, the business was up for sale and the Guilds decided to buy it and this new venture would go on to become Designers Guild.

In the Book you will learn where Tricia's inspiration comes from - her travels to India, Japan and Scandinavia and how this is translated into collections of fabrics, wallpaper, furniture and accessories. And see the changing tastes in interiors over the past five decades.
This book will accompany an exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, which will run from 14 February – 14 June.

Tuesday 07 Apr 2020

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