Upholstery Fabric

Radford offer a wide range of commercially graded fabric, including texture, pattern and colour. Radford Furnishings works closely with international brands such as: Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren, Christian Lacroix, William Yeoward and Liberty to ensure solutions are found for all design briefs.

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The brands that Radford’s represent use both Martindale (European and Australian Standard) and Wyzenbeek (USA) rub rating. In Commercial projuects it is suggested that a minimum of 50,000 martindale (rub rate) is used. This is true of high traffic areas such as the seat of a lounge chair, dining chairs and banquette seating. However, vertical surfaces, cushioning and wall panels are quite different in terms of wear and tear. The martindale for these areas will be less important due to the reduction in Abrasion and wear and tear.

When specifying any fabric pattern and colour might be just as important if not more important than martindale rates. As an example, hospitality projects, hotels and office fit outs essentially will have fabric with a lower lifecycle due to the frequency of use, for these projects it is advised that highly patterned fabric is selected. A busy pattern will ensure a surface that is more forgiving to staining and will in turn require less maintenance.

The Difference in Rub Rates is an important consideration:

During the Wyzenbeek abrasion tests, the fabric is rubbed along the warp and weft, using a single back and fourth motion (one back and forth rub equalling a double rub.) The abrasion rating is determined by the number of double rubs made before two yarn breaks occur.

In Martindale abrasion tests, fabric is rubbed in a figure-eight pattern, (each full figure of eight will be measured as a cycle.) The number of cycles that the fabric can endure before fabric shows objectionable change in appearance (yarn breaks, pilling, holes) is counted and determines the abrasion rating.

For general contract work, a fabric should meet 15,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek method or 20,000 cycles on the Martindale method. Heavy duty contract work (for single shift corporate, hotel rooms, conference rooms, and dining areas) requires 30,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek method or 40,000 cycles on the Martindale method. Higher traffic areas such as twenty-four hour terminals, stadiums, classrooms, or theatres may require a higher abrasion rating. Make sure who ever is helping in the specification is aware of the desired rub rate.  


Treating a fabric offers a permanent chemical reaction that will not alter the look or feel of the fabric. Depending on the application most of these treatments penetrate the fabric providing a permanent, colourless and odourless barrier for ongoing protection.

Almost all fabrics can be treated to prolong their life, make them less susceptible to staining, bacteria or even fire retarded to meet building regulations. As Radford’s represent predominately English brands the standards are not always met due to the differences in regulations. We work closely with a local specialist who can offer the following treatments to ensure all the Australian requirements are met. 

Ensuring the fabric meets the AS 1530-3 Australian Building Code. 

Protection from UV rays 

Repels moister 

Anti Microbial for protection from bacteria build up