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John Derian Company Inc. was established in New York in 1989. The diverse and stimulating city is still home to the world-renowned designer’s studio, where he crafts his now-synonymous, handmade decoupage.

Assisted by a small staff of artisans, John Derian creates notoriously beautiful decoupage plates, platters, paperweights, coasters and bowls. An early obsession with printed matter ultimately led Derian to decoupage, with imagery inspired by his vast and ever-expanding collection of 18th and 19th century prints. It’s this innovative and sensitive style which accents and infuses his extraordinary objets d’art, stationary, lighting, furniture and other ephemera.

With Designers Guild, John Derian transferred his evocative, signature style to fabrics, wallpapers and cushions. The versatile collection is equal parts endearing and exquisite, reflective of Derian’s extraordinarily charming aesthetic, laced with intricate botanical illustrations, romantic florals and vintage prints.

View the latest John Derian collections at your local Radford showroom or find your nearest retail stockist. For trade enquiries contact us.

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