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Feathr - A designer wallpaper range made by artists

Founded in the UK by Tom, Anne & Oli, Feathr wallpaper is defined by two distinctive motto’s.

  • More Art, Less Decoration
  • More good shit. Less shit shit!

Feathr believe wallpaper is a subversive tool as a form of modern art. “It's known for being banal, so we love the idea that our artists can subvert it and make the medium message.”  
Feathr have asked the art world to create designs and are now working with dozens of artist from all over the world, very few of whom have previously designed wallpaper. 

Tattoo artists, fine art photographers, hardcore graphic designers and a cow - The designs are unique, luxury pieces created from original modern minds for original modern homes. 

Feathr believe the world is loaded with design and artistic talent and make it their mission to be a conduit to get that talent onto your walls.  
Evidence of the artist.  An authentic voice. Evidence of craft.  

Wether it be luxury hand-painted designs, modern and abstract expressive explosions of colours, beautiful and crafted pencil drawings for modern children’s and kids’ rooms, arthouse geometric designs or tattoo wallpaper created by one of the most sought after contemporary tattoo artists - the one thing shared by all the work is the love, talent and imagination in the work.

To view the latest collections please contact Radford on Telephone 1300 692 393 or visit the Feather website

MemphisBound02 Wallpaper Pastel 2336

OhLaLa Wallpaper Sand 1992 WallpaperofYear 780 780 s c1 c t 0 200 1

Albus III VintagePInk 780x780

Ornament SkyBlue 780

Raindrops wallmural hero 1560 780 780 s c1 c t 0 0 1

Dreamboat Blue Portrait hero 1992 780 780 s c1 c t 0 200 1

EnglishRose midnight bedroom Lores 1560 780 780 s c1 c t 0 0 1

InnerVision Gold Hero 1560 780 780 s c1 c t 0 0 1

Albus I Ink 780x780

Calamare Forest Wall Mural 780

VintageJungle wall mural 996 780 780 s c1 c t 0 200 1

Crepusculum Original 780x780