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The idea behind Engblad & Co is to be surprising and to encourage curiosity and an urge to experiment – in a playful way. All this helps to create an interesting home, one unlike any other. We simply want to share our passion for wallpaper that challenges traditional thinking. Welcome – be inspired.

As Scandinavia’s oldest wallpaper brand, Engblad & Co have a single goal in their sights: creating modern, stylish wallpapers that still retain that relaxed, inclusive feeling you want to have when walking into a room. That feeling you want to come home to.

Since their very beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, they have linked up with inspiring contemporary designers and architects. In their design process they look back to their extensive pattern archive, but we also invest a lot into our design collaborations with internationally renowned designers.


Their innovative approach and receptiveness to trends go without saying. These give them an inbuilt driving force that has rewarded them over the years with prestigious awards in wallpaper design all over the world. Their acclaimed wallpapers are proud chapters in their unique pattern archive, which currently covers almost all of Sweden’s collective wallpaper history. Their wallpapers adorn walls throughout the world. This is what their brand is built on. And it is their starting point when they continue to create new, 
stylish wallpaper patterns that reflect current interior design trends. That are always up to date. And that always feel right.

Radford is the sole Australian distributor for Eco.
To view the latest collections visit: www.eco.se

Bamboo Garden Image RoomShoot Bedroom Item 6467 3 PR

DesertHorizon Image RoomShoot Livingroom Item 6451 5 PR

Tribe Image RoomShoot Office Item 6474 2 PR


Origin Image RoomShoot Diningarea Item 6463 1 PR

Strow Image RoomShoot Room Item 6471 PR

Origin Image RoomShoot Diningarea Item 6463 2 PR

Chevron Dots Image RoomShoot Room Item 6482 1 PR

DesertHorizon Image RoomShoot Livingroom Item 6451 2 PR