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Arguably of the most famous Wallpaper brands in the world, Cole & Son was founded in 1875. 
In 1949, Cole’s Design Director created one of the first screen print studios in Europe in response to the revolutionary new Contemporary design movement which gave birth to the wild wallpaper designs of the 1950s and 1960s.
Today, the Cole & Son archive consists of approximately 1,800 block print designs, 350 screen print designs and a huge quantity of original drawings and wallpapers, representing all the styles from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Amongst these are some of the most important historic wallpaper designs in the world. Cole & Son has provided wallpapers for many historic houses including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

Their magnificent archive is on occasion the source of new designs within our collections. Designs are carefully selected, adapted and coloured by our designers and printed by craftsmen to produce wallpapers faithful to the character of the original document, yet contemporary in feel.
Cole & Son continues to produce innovative and beautiful designs; our current collections reflect our long and distinguished history as well as our continuing passion for new and exciting wallpapers.
Radford is the sole Australian distributor for Cole & Son.

To view the latest collections please contact Radford on Telephone 1300 692 393 or visit the Cole & son website.

palm jungle

feather fan 112 10037 crop

flamingos 112 11042

feather fan 112 10037

palm leaves 112 2005 and 112 2006

woods 112 3009

petite tile 112 5022

miami 112 6023

prism 112 7025 crop

cow parsley 112 8026

rajapur flock 112 9032 with palm jungle f111 2006

polo stripe 110 1006 crop

polo stripe 110 1005

cambridge stripe 110 8038 crop

110 1005

glastonbury stripe 110 6031

Cole and Son HRP Library Panel Lifestyle Shot

marquee stripe 110 2008 crop

marquee stripe 110 2010b

regatta stripe 110 3015 crop2

jaspe stripe 110 4025 crop

110 4019

96 1006

96 4022